2017 Qualifiers




Portugal welcomed the challenge to organize Cosplay World Master with open arms.

The competition took place in the third Edition of IBERANIME LX 2011, a biannual event dedicated to anime, manga, videogames,

workshops and concerts that place Japanese pop culture in the mainstream.

A country of many colors and landscapes, Portugal became the perfect scenario for a world competition full of glamour.

IBERANIME LX 2011, a Portuguese event of reference, presented its fans with this championship finale

which brought several participants and international onlookers to Lisbon.

The excellent technical conditions made it possible for the participants to enrich their performances

on stage with sounds, images and special effects worthy of a large world production.

Everyone left amazed and promised to come back to surprise or be surprised.


Among the many anxious candidates to participate in Cosplay World Master finale,

we arrived at a final list made up of the following contestants:



Damien Ratte / France / Character - Hatsune Miku



Raquel Maria / Portugal / Character - C.C. de Code Geass



Nadia Baiardi / Italy


Ana Filipa Santos / Portugal / Character - Nami

Ana Silva / Portugal / Character - Tifa Lockhart

Ema Paiva / Portugal / Character - Len Kagamine (imitation Black)

Aléxia Barroso /  Portugal / Character - Lilith Sahl

Sofia P. / Portugal / Character - Alice

Liliana Batista / Portugal / Character - Lacus Clyne

Ana Catarina Bastos Silva / Portugal / Character - Inoue Orihime

Bruno Nunes / Portugal / Character - Kondo Isami (Hakuouki)

Carlos Sousa / Portugal / Character - L (death note)

Bereniç Serrano / Spain

Isabelle Jeudy / France


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